Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Have you been ripped off by Rogers as well?

In November, Rogers offered us a "deal" on one of our lines and gave us a reference# where they said all the details were noted. In short, the deal they offered us was supposed to be $57, but they are now charging us $133 per month for 1 (one) phone! That's a big difference. Who would ever agree to pay that for 1 phone!? They have the reference# but they claim there are no notes, and that nothing was documented. The problem is not just the price, but also the structure of our account. We have 3 phones on one account. One of the key elements was that our son will be turning 19 in February, and we specifically asked if at that time, he would be able to take over his line on his own account at the $57 per month, and they said definitely "Yes." They also assured us that this line would not affect the billing or structure of the other 2 lines. Now we are told that the lines will not be able to be separated without being affected, and definitely not at that price. BEWARE: You only have 2 weeks to return the phone, but the bill with the rip off comes in after that!!!! In December when the billing error came to our attention, we called Rogers. The "customer service" person who answered was very rude and would not listen. We asked to speak to a manager, and the "manager" was also very rude and would not listen. We tried 2 difference "customer service" people and 2 different "managers"--none showed any actual customer service, skills, listening skills, or management skills of any kind. They were rude and did nothing to listen or resolve the problem. They said we are now locked in for 3 years to the price whether we like it or not. They didn't care that we were being overcharged according to what we had originally negotiated. They were rude and disrespectful. When we asked to speak to that person's manager, they would not allow us to. They said that we must submit a complaint online. When we went to submit the complaint online, it said we needed an INTERACTION #. The managers never gave us an interaction number, even though we clearly told them that we wanted to escalate the problem. The name of the last manager we spoke with was Julian (a man, not a woman). The Rogers complaint system would not let us submit a complaint without an incident #, and we were instructed to enter into an online chat to get another incident #. That took a long time, and the person indicated that the managers we previously spoke with also recorded our situation wrong and incompletely--what a surprise! We were finally able to submit a complaint to the president's office, but now I'm reading everywhere that doesn't work either. We will be submitting a complaint to Next, we will have no choice but to submit a complain to the CCTS, which I recommend that everyone does, who has had this happen to them: We just want it at the original price and structure that was offered to us over the phone in November. I've seen many other complaints such as this posted. According to other posts, it looks like it's a big scam that Rogers is running across the country. If you have any suggestions of how to resolve this or get out of the contract or get the right price and conditions, please contact me:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 212 Movie

Are you ready to live at 212 Degrees? 211 degrees is nice; it's good. But just one extra degree brings greatness. Watch the video and tell me what you think...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese Original Video

Here's an actual portion of the Who Moved My Cheese video by Spencer Johnson: